Press release: ‘Pioneering’ diocese urged to hold its nerve over turbines


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‘Pioneering’ diocese urged to hold its nerve over turbines

The withdrawal last week by the Diocese of Exeter of plans for six wind turbines must not deflect the Church from its responsibility to act on climate change. That’s the view of Christian Ecology Link (CEL), the charity for Christians in the Green movement.

CEL has urged the Church of England to hold its nerve in the face of ‘aggressive’ behaviour from protestors against renewable energy generation. But they also say the church should listen to and learn from the reactions witnessed in Devon to strengthen their theological, environmental and planning justification for such proposals.

Exeter Diocese dropped plans on Tuesday to erect pairs of small (25m) ‘agricultural’ turbines in three parishes in North Devon. In a pastoral letter to the parishioners concerned, Bishop Michael Langrish said local clergy had been subject to ‘hostility and in some cases outright verbal abuse’, adding that he was ‘grieved’ by the bullying tactics to which diocesan staff had been subjected.

Tony Emerson of Christian Ecology Link said

‘What we are witnessing in Devon is a moment of truth.  The Church has made huge strides in recent years, both in reducing its own contribution in climate change, and in laying the ethical groundwork for the political decisions that are urgently needed.  The Diocese of Exeter has consistently been ahead of the pack in responding to this call.  That sometimes takes a lot of courage.  This has clearly been an upsetting experience for the diocese and protestors alike, and it’s time to reflect.  Ultimately, however, I hope Exeter keeps up its pioneering role, and helps the whole Church to put its commitment to creation into practice.  That has to involve shouldering its share of the shift to renewable energy.’




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John D Anderson:

July 18, 2012

Message flagged Tuesday, 17 July 2012, 10:43 The visceral British antipathy to wind turbines is not observable on the continent or in the USA. Since the Creator made for us an island of winds surrounded by tides, we should use these eternal gifts of renewable electricity. I have a big scheme for Bradford to be surrounded by big wind turbines backed up by PV installations etc.. It is called 'The Newer BP: Bradford Power'. If anyone wants an updated copy I can send it to them. I do not support wind turbines in the middle of Ilkley Moor in Bradford: I propose them 600 metres from homes on the rim of our city to reduce transmission losses and proliferating pylon erection. Wind and PV electricity generation are by far the most mature and fruitful renewable technologies we have at present. If we do not use them now it will be too late: we will be burned toast.A Netherlands study has shown that if the community part-owns turbines, strangely they do not make noise at all. Community part ownership is the key to winning support for the wonderful and beautiful technology of dancing angels. Christians can support bringing power to the people and taking it from the big six generating companies. John D Anderson

John D Anderson:

July 18, 2012

On Tue, Jul 17, 2012 at 10:10 AM, John D Anderson wrote:The single action of a church - or an individual - in changing to green electricity from the grid saves more CO2 emissions than any other single action possible for us. Nationally, about 20 % of our CO2 emissions come from our use of 'brown' electricity. Baildon Methodist Church Bradford has solar PV panels wired to our kitchen where we make 60 meals a day in daylight. We changed to green electricity for the rest of our supply four years ago. Sadly we use the Scottish and Southern green option. I am still working to get a switch to Good Energy or Ecotricity, the only two companies that are dedicated to green and not brown electricity. At home we make 70% of the electricity from our roof and have used Good Energy for six years. This company has not raised its price since 2008: for the cost of their wind has not risen. John D Anderson

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