Press Release: Praying for hope amid climate madness – CEL Climate Service

A service of worship in Grosvenor Chapel will precede the annual national Climate March on Saturday 1st December 2012 in Central London.

Christian Ecology Link and Operation Noah will host a Climate Service at 11.00 am on Saturday 1st December 2012 at Grosvenor Chapel, South Audley Street, London W1K 2PA to pray for the success of the current United Nations climate conference in Qatar. The service will be led by the spiritual director Rev. Chris Polhill who is author of the book ‘A Heart for Creation Worship Resources and Reflections on the Environment’.  The Catholic journalist Ellen Teague will speak. All are welcome.

Ruth Jarman, a member of the board of Christian Ecology Link, said:

 “I think attending a service of worship in this beautiful church a very fitting way to support the march and pray for sense and hope amid the madness of humanity’s paralysis in the face of climate change.”

After the service, attendees will leave the church to join the Climate March organised by the Campaign against Climate Change. The rally will start at Grosvenor Square where a mock pipeline will be built from the Canadian High Commission to the US embassy, after which the demonstrators will march to Westminster to build a giant mock fracking rig outside parliament.

CEL member Jonathan Essex said:

“While Climate Marches might seem a bit ‘too little too late’ this year’s I think falls at a crucial time – not just the international talks hosted by an oil country, but a demo highlighting US focus on fracking which our government seem wedded to as well. And perhaps Sandy’s appearance on the eve of the US election might be a forebearer of a Storm of Hope.”

This week, while Britain saw month-levels of rain in single days, the government published its disappointing Energy Bill.  The Bill specifies no target for making the power sector carbon-free – something that the government’s own independent advisory body, the Committee on Climate Change, says is necessary.

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Notes for the Editor

1.   This year’s round of UN climate talks, COP 18, are taking place in Qatar’s capital, Doha from 26 November to 7 December, 2012.

2.  A recent projection by the World Bank showed temperatures are on track to increase by up to 4 degrees C this century, overshooting the 2-degree target on which the UN talks are based.

3.  Christian Ecology Link believes we are responsible for our impact on God’s creation. The organisation helps members to understand and relate these responsibilities to their faith. Members can then encourage others in their local church to think seriously about these issues. CEL was formed in 1981, and formally constituted in 1982 and supports Christians from all backgrounds and traditions.

5.   Operation Noah is a Christian charity providing leadership, focus and inspiration in response to the growing threat of catastrophic climate change.

6.   The Grosvenor Chapel is situated in South Audley Street in the heart of Mayfair and seeks to offer a spiritual home to those who live and work in the area, those who are drawn to the Chapel for various reasons, as well as those who are visiting London.

7.   The Get Fractious National Climate March is being organised by the Campaign against Climate Change . The focus of this year’s March is the insanity of mining alternative fossil fuels such as shale gas and tar sands when we already have enough conventional fuels to drive the world’s temperature beyond safe levels.




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Stephanie Lodge:

November 30, 2012

I am disappointed that I couldn't find the actual service sheet to print out! Perhaps it could be produced for next year's March, please? Thank you, Stephanie

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