PRESS RELEASE: Shrewsbury responds with faith to the ecological crisis

Local church groups and the national organisation Green Christian are getting together to run a free event aimed at providing people of faith with some resources to respond to the problems of climate change and biodiversity loss.

On 15th June, 2019, Shrewsbury’s Central Baptist Church, 4 Claremont St, SY1 1QG, will host Green Christian On The Road Together in Shrewsbury, the fifth in a series of On the Road Together events run by Green Christian over the last 18 month. It is open to all who are interested in finding out more about living in harmony with God’s creation and Green Christian’s insights and activities.

Participants will learn about the Green Christian Way of Life which combines spirituality, personal change and public witness within the encouragement of a Community. They can also find out about Green Christian’s Joy In Enough project and how economics, ecology and Christianity mix.

“There is much anxiety around the environment” said Revd. Richard Clarkson, Environmental Officer for the Diocese of Lichfield, “It can feel so overwhelming to try and address these problems by ourselves but if we can come together as people of faith to support one another and learn from one another then we can face the challenges with a renewed hope.”

The event on Saturday 15th June will run from 10.30am to 4:30pm.

Those who would like to attend the event should book at . Booking is essential as numbers are limited. The event is free but donations will be welcome on the day.


Ruth Jarman, Information Officer for Green Christian

0345 45 98 460


Green Christian was formed in 1981 to share green insights with Christians, and Christian insights with the green movement. The charity produces resources, campaigns and events to help people relate environmental issues with their faith, and integrate environmental action into their mission.



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