Put on a display at your church leading up to the Paris Climate Talks

Green Christian Would like to encourage its members and others to put up a display in their churches and elsewhere about climate change in the period leading up to the Paris Peace Talks.

David Shreeve of the  CofE Shrinking the footprint programme has sent out a “primer” on climate change to all the bishops in the UK to disseminate to their clergy. Make sure that people in your church have seen it. (See it here on Diocese of Europe website)  or download PARIS- PRIMER-21.10

Visit the display at Peterborough Cathedral and prayer walk 1 Nov -13 Dec

Display made in Settle Methodist Church Hall (which includes sections on local effects,

such as increased local butterfly species, graphs showing increased number of days per year with extreme  heavy rainfall, )




rio-malhamWhy not put up a poster outside your church inviting people to pray about the Paris Talks.  As some of us did back in 1997 about the Rio Earth Summit?



Buy a copy on  National Geographic’s November magazine which is a Climate Change issues and has lots of good illustrations – visit it online here.

Euan McPhee planning to cycle from Truro to Paris

Give publicity to local people going on a pilgrimage to Paris. (If you are going, send out a message to local churches)

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