Rainforest Fund Greetings Cards


A selection of Mark Boulton’s cards

Could you use this fun and enjoyable way of raising money and raising awareness for saving wildlife habitats for future generations?


This is also a way of supporting  GC’s 100 Churches Rainforest Fund Project


A selection of  beautiful nature cards has been made available for you to sell at local events, or to keep and use for yourself. The cards, left blank inside are suitable for birthdays, condolence,  congratulations, Christmas, Easter and other occasions 



A selection of Judith Allinson’s cards

The pack of 12 cards is available for £21, including postage and packing. The cards are sold in some local shops for £2-00 each. The money raised supports three wildlife charities: World Land Trust, Cool Earth and A Rocha Ghana (which is a Christian charity). (Reduced rates can be arranged for larger quantities)


Some cards are printed, some cards are hand mounted photographs.


The cards are made by two GC members, Mark Boulton and Judith Allinson, using their own photographs.



Bird’s-eye Primrose

Mark Boulton has worked on international conservation projects in several African countries and now lives in Britain where he has just built an Eco-House. He is currently Chair of the pioneering Stratford & Evesham Methodist Church’s EcoCircuit Programme.


Judith Allinson (who has spent time in West Africa and seen both rainforest and the way the land is under threat) is a botanist who runs grasses and flowers courses in the Yorkshire Dales and carries out botanical survey work. Her church sells her greetings cards.


If you would like a pack of cards, please contact Judith Allinson



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