Reclaiming the common good – book launch and reviews

One of the visitors at our Greenbelt stall was Virginia Moffatt who told us about the book “Reclaiming the Common Good – How Christians Can Re-Build Our Broken World” that she had just finished editing. She said  that there were copies on sale in the Church Publishing House Tent and that the formal launch would be on 20 Sept.  (The Common Good was the theme for the 2017 Greenbelt festival

Several of the authors are either members of Green Christian or people known to Green Christian.  e.g. Edward Echlin and Ellen Teague

see Review by Simon Duffy

You can buy the book at the publishers website. Here is part of their description of the book

What part can Christians play in building a future of hope, peace, equality an justice?

Reclaiming the Common Good is a collection of essays which consider these themes. Beginning with an explanation of the history and meaning of the term ‘common good’, it explores how the sense of working for this ideal has been lost. Focussing, biblically, on issues such as welfare, austerity, migration, environment, peace and justice, it provides a compellingly fresh and insightful analysis on the state of the world today, and offers a realistic vision of how it could be better. This vision is rooted in the idea of a new heaven, a new earth, and a new Jerusalem, as suggested in the book of Revelation.

This collection has been compiled and edited by Virginia Moffatt, a writer, community activist and former Chief Operating Officer of the belief and values think-tank, Ekklesia. Its other contributors are: Dr Patrick Riordan SJ, John Moffatt SJ, Simon Barrow, Bernadette Meaden, Dr Simon Duffy, Rev. Vaughan Jones, Savitri Hensman , Ellen Teague, Edward P. Echlin, Henrietta Cullinan, Susan Clarkson and Rev. Dr Simon Woodman.

Here is a picture of the people at the launch on 20 Sept. 





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