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Just launched: Creation Care

Creation Care is FaithJustice’s new six-session course on Christian responses to the Climate Emergency.

The course can be run by parishes, movements, small groups, or individuals; and it’s designed to work either in person or online or as a hybrid.

It’s been produced by FaithJustice, with input from the Passionists, the Jesuits, Operation Noah, and Christian Climate Action.

1. York Course 2021

Caring for Creation £ 3.10   –   £ 14.70 – NEW FOR LENT 2021 – suitable for virtual and live groups. Ideal for Lent (or any time of year) Comprises course booklet, audio and transcript. An ecumenical course in 5 sessions for discussion groups written by Green Christian member, Brian Davis.

The audio files are absolutely brilliant – short, engaging, challenging.

The booklets give a really good foundation of the dire state of creation using minimal words and only one error (it says that 3% reduction in global emissions per year is needed – when it should be >7.6%), interspersed with inspiring quotes.

The discussion questions are a perfect mixture of Bible study and deep questions about how we should respond to the climate and nature emergency.

2. Climate for Change

‘This series of five studies is an excellent introduction to the interconnected challenges facing humanity in the 21st century – climate change, pandemics, the degradation of the biosphere, and the growing inequalities within and between countries. There is much to be learned from exploring ourselves and our contemporary societies – values, behaviours, systems, communities and responsibilities.’ Will Steffen, Emeritus Professor, Australian National University and Councillor, Climate Council of Australia.

Comments from our members: “Australian, but worth reading.”  “The material is thought provoking, the video’s well produced. It is as well as thought provoking also provocative. I feel that the material would need a very good facilitator if it was to be used for group study.”

3. USPG Lent Course

The world is in crisis; Creation is groaning. People and the Earth have been crying out for many years. But for too long, many people – particularly those in the global North – have chosen not to listen, instead remaining complicit in destruction and continuing to increase inequalities. In such a time as this, what have Christians got to offer?   Discover more in our Lent Course .

Ar Gyfer Amser Fel Hwn (For such a time as this – Welsh)

USPG will be facilitating a group that will gather on zoom with contributors to the course and other global partners,  to study this course together on the six Mondays during Lent, starting on 22 Feb

4. Global Healing course – online

Six Thursdays in Lent: 18 Feb– 25 th  Mar 7.30pm – 8.30pm The Global Catholic Movement invites you to “Global Healing.” Please register
or  email Hosted by GCCM Laudato Si’ Animators in the UK . These engaging documentaries will inform and challenge people to respond to Pope Francis’ call to Care for Our Common Home.

5. 40 Days with God’s Creatures

5. Why and how should the church respond to the climate emergency?

A series of six small-group discussion sessions that Bramhall Methodist Church put together for Lent 2021. The sessions involve several short and inspiring videos (many with Hannah Malcolm) interspersed with Bible reading and discussion questions. The sessions are entitled: Beauty, Truth, Justice, Lament, Action, Hope.

Recommended in 2020 and earlier

Green Christian recommends six prepared courses – which can be used for either Advent or Lent

1. This? by Susan Sayers. A new six week course that explores the full reality of where we actually are, who and what we really are, what is our ‘This’, and is God’s ‘This’ a fuller reality? If so, how does that affect the way we lovers of the Creator react to Earth Warming?

2. Live Lent/Say Yes to Life. the Church of England’s Lent Resource for 2020.Saying Yes to Life is the Archbishop of Canterbury's 2020 Lent book.

3. “Our Common Home, Caring for God’s Creation

An Ecumenical Study Course (Five weeks) –
This Study Guide was composed by an ecumenical group of Christians in Birmingham 2017/2018: Janet Nock, Margaret Healey Pollett, the Revd Alison Geary, Ruth Tetlow, Miriam Wilcher.
The authors are happy for people to reproduce all or parts of this study outline providing acknowledgement is given –
Please tell us at  Green Christian   if you use it  too.

Review: Gill Holmes, one of the group leaders in Kings Heath who led the meetings on our study guide wrote:-

The Study Guide on creation was a very user friendly resource. It consisted of general information about environmental  issues and the Christian response to the stewardship of God’s Creation. Whilst a complete resource in itself, it also allowed for further theological research alongside practical approaches to take, as Christians in God’s world, both locally and globally. Biblical passages and prayers were a good focus for self and group examination of our role and impact in the world today.

4. Operation Noah’s “Tenants of the King”   Four part study guide.

  • Study guide booklets complete with material for four hour-long group study sessions.
  • Written in 2018 to appeal to the more Bible-based churches, this course is a good starting point for evangelical churches that are yet to be convinced of the Christian responsibility to safeguard creation
  • Video interviews​​ with experts including Rt Revd. Graham Tomlin (Bishop of Kensington), Rev. Mark Melluish (New Wine), Dr Ruth Valerio (Tearfund) and Dr Justin Thacker (Cliff College).
  • In-depth Leaders’ Notes to help you lead your small group study.

5. The  Catholic Global Healing initiative for Advent see film, study guide, leaders notes etc.

6. “Loaf for Lent” has been written and tried out at Emmanuel Church, a URC-Methodist church in Redditch, Worcestershire, by Revd Steve Levett.  He invites other churches to take part if interested. Find out more…



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