Report on Climate Alliance/Alliance for Climate and Jobs

I have been representing CEL on the management group of the Climate Alliance for the last year or so.  Jo Abbess and Ruth Jarman have also represented us at meetings.

To see more about the aims and activities of the Alliance, please go to

What we are doing or aiming to do:

  • our main focus now is on campaigning to create employment in the renewable energy industries.
  • hence the change in name to Alliance for Climate and Jobs
  • we are still a small organisation, but we are trying to ’reach parts that other green campaigns don’t reach’
  • we have had representation at our various activities from a variety of Christian organisations – including CofE, Catholic Church, The Quakers – trade unions, business interests, youth organisations, the Occupy movement and the environmental NGO’s. Obviously not as many as we would like of each category, but progress is being made.
  • Our main organising group now includes Ann Pettifor of Operation Noah, Keith Sonnet (deputy general secretary of Unison, the public sector union), John Stewart (of Airport Watch), Peter Robinson (initiator of the Alliance) and Robin Smith (director of the marketing consultancy, HOST).
  • Robin hosts our meetings now in the HOST offices in Central London
    • Robin and his colleagues in HOST have been helping us develop the campaign: it’s emphases, it’s messages, it’s logo etc. It will be known as the  SH!FT campaign, with the key ‘asks’:


  • MASSIVE INVESTMENT IN JOBS – Decent jobs, to meet real needs, transform our economy and safeguard the planet on which we depend for our livelihoods.
  • MASSIVE SHIFT TO RENEWABLE ENERGY – Shift from fossil fuel to renewable energy, powering extraordinary innovation, meaningful employment securing energy supply and reducing energy prices.


  • Obviously this is only the start of the journey  towards these formidable aims
  • A grant of £3,000 has been received from Renewables UK
  • Additionally, Debate section on website ( ).

I think we in CEL have a lot to contribute to the wider society.  As Jonathon Porritt told us at the Bristol conference, many people are open to hearing a spiritual values based perspective on ‘green issues’ (provided it is not too dogmatically expressed.)  Contribute to debates such as these – don’t hide our lights under bushels.

Tony Emerson  020 8769 4078


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