Reports by CEL members of Sep 21 Climate marches round UK

CEL members marched to raise awareness about climate change in marches in several cities around the UK on 21 September. These marches were just a few of the over 2700 marches worldwide  this weekend.  Here are a few of the reports and articles by our members:

1) Bristol – by Ann Parker:

2) Manchester by Sandra Dutson 

1.) Bristol – by Ann Parker:

You Missed It!

. . .unless you went on the London one. The World-wide Climate Marches. Including in Nottingham, Sunday 21 Sept at 1pm from the Square.

‘This weekend more people took to the streets calling for climate action than on any other day in history. Well over half a million of us flooded the streets – from sunny New York City and London to rainy Stockholm and Romania. 2646 events in 156 countries. We were everywhere.’

The Climate March this afternoon in Bristol. Estimates of numbers were 2,500-3,000. A big mix of people.

Two vans and a big bus filled with truly great people—the new Climate Riders—on their way to New York City for the People’s Climate March pulled up to the First Watch for breakfast this morning in Columbus, Ohio.

Twenty-four hours on the road each way to march for a few hours .

One thing I was pleased and impressed about the March was the coverage on main news it got. It was certainly greater than all previous Marches!
We’ve not heard of any trouble or threats against the Marchers, yet! I don’t recall others getting so many announcements on the news bulletins

These are quotes from emails I have received from other parts of the country and one from the Harvey Wasserman site in USA.

In Nottingham it wasn’t that big, but the estimation was for over 300, which is a good turn out for this part of the country. People came, some with banners, from Friends of the earth, the local Green Peace. Anti-fracking campaigns and  as individuals with specific concerns over animal welfare or land loss. A young man with his portable solar kit to demonstrate the wonders of off grid electricity. A speaker from the Woodland Trust. We paraded down busy Clumber street, keen to involve all those already there, and I think some did join us at that point. We got down to outside St Peter’s where a chap with a bicycle rode up and offered everyone veggie burgers, with onions, still warm from the tin he had packed them in, and a bottle of organic tomato sauce on the ‘Speakers’ Circle’ so we could help ourselves if we felt our burgers needed it We talked and walked together, just joining in, no need of introductions or take your turn. People were just there, wanting to be involved with each other. As it seems they were all over the world.

According to BBC Science news ( , an estimated 40,000 took part in the London march, although only 10,000 had been expected. Actress Emma Thompson told the rally: “Climate change is the human rights issue of our time. “No more are we the grungy hippies sitting in trees. We are the voice of the future – if there is to be a future.”

I wonder if our churches or any PCC could feel so concerned about world rights as to parade around the city centre with banners and megaphones announcing their visions and concerns so that others came up and said, what a good idea, tell us more, can we join you?

Ann R Parker







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