Request from Joy in Enough’s Development officer

Hilary Blake, Joy in Enoughs Development Officer, writes…
“Do you have ideas, information or contacts that may be useful as we seek grant funding to expand and develop Joy in Enough?
We are seeking to develop relationships with and apply for funding from grant-making bodies working in the fields of faith, education, environment, economics and social change. I am particularly interested to know if anyone reading this is a member of the Network for Social Change ( ) and would be interested in sponsoring a project.
If you have any useful or interesting ideas about funding, please contact me on . Thank you! “



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Linda Johnson:

October 19, 2018

Hi! As there is recognition that change will only happen when there is political change as well as personal and parochial change, it might be worthwhile contacting the Green Party (Jonathan Bartlett) and Liberal Democrats (Tim Farron is the spokesperson on the environment, and a Christian). Additionally there is the Green LibDem Movement, headed up by Graham Neale ( which has a website and FB page. Small steps but alignment between different groups is vital.

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