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All you need is LOAF!

All you need is LOAF!

Tune: How do you solve a problem like Maria? (The Sound of Music)

How do you solve the threat of global warming?
How can you lessen risks of climate change?
We need a way of life that’s habit-forming,
with new routines for old, in good exchange.

Think of your weekly supermarket visit;
do you buy eco-friendly merchandise?
Which products pass the test –
the cheapest, or the best?
The ones that come by train, or boat, or skies?

When writing a shopping list tomorrow morning,
please Use Your LOAF – you’ll soon be eco-wise!
Aim to get this season’s crops,
and from Local stores and shops,
thus reducing all the food miles that accrue;

buy Organic goods besides,
with no harmful pesticides,
which are tasty in a meat or veggie stew;

and this policy includes
eating Animal-friendly foods,
using farming methods that are most humane,

and the F-word is Fairtrade,
with the logo well displayed
showing others you agree with its campaign.

Now shopping for food can really be transforming,
using our LOAF, we’ll bring about real change!

Alison Blenkinsop

3 rd June 2015, after the Green Christian Way of Life weekend at Ringsfield Hall

Alison Blenkinsop

Alison Blenkinsop is a retired midwife and member of Pagham Parish Church. She has written songs, hymns and verse