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Earth Day

Earth day to us is the day we’re delivered,

watched over by moon, a sliver of silver.

To the bee it is sunrise and a spoonful of honey.

To the weatherman – it’s rain, windy or sunny .

To the vixen in the woods it’s her red cubs scrabbling,

it’s the surging green trees and the streams babbling.

To the wind on it’s the way round the world brushing hilltops,

It’s wrestling with tides, so the waves never stop.

To the earth it’s the slow build-up of worm casts,

the erosion of rock, all futures, all pasts.

To the sky it’s the dream clouds coming and going.

To the farmer, a day’s early breakfast and sowing.

It’s earth day today and tomorrow and next day.

It’s here where we live where we love where we die.

It’s God’s day to bless us. It’s our day to live.

It’s our day to delight in, it’s God’s day to give.

Graham Norman