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The Regeneration of Humanity

This one’s for the youth!
Hear my truth.
I am going to make the people of this planet move.
For you.
I do not want to hand down
a broken planet,
so, I offer my hands and head to help
and my heart to heal
as I want you to feel
love and grace.
I want you to walk
in nature’s bounty,
through food forests
in sovereignty.
Abundant in seeds
to nourish souls
as you engage in a conversation so old
we can hear our ancestor’s whisper
knowledge and wisdom
about the beauty of the blister
that comes with working the land.
So, I take my stand, in solidarity
for the next generation
I sacrifice superficial temptation
and work towards
the regeneration of humanity.

This is a poem from Luke Hartnack’s first poetry anthology, The Evolution of a Soul, illustrated by Stella Perrett, and has a foreword by Satish Kumar. He says: “I wrote this a week before I embarked on a two-month long pilgrimage through Cornwall. I had to ask myself what the pilgrimage was all about. The opening line sums it up entirely. All we do has to be for the youth of the world as they will be the ones to inherit the world from us when we are gone. Revaluing land work has to be high on all of our agendas as it is the land that sustains us.