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When white turns blue green is weeping

When white turns blue green is weeping
Seeping water ice, and eyes
leaking tears for dying species
Fearing dreams of ecocide

Icebergs melt with oceans sweeping
Forests die and deserts spread
Time has come when man is reaping
Fruits of domination dead

Water into land is creeping
over sand, then higher still
Leaping waves tsunami-high roar
soaking soil and dousing hill

Watching TV screens, perceiving
Children howling mothers cry
Fathers try to hide a creeping
dread their families will die

Animal bird insect depleting
Fish reptile their skin descales
Politicians keep on sleeping
sound and still as dying whales

While white turns blue and green is weeping
Folk here love their sunny days
Never speaking of the link
To neighbours dying in dry heat haze

Where have all the flowers gone?
We sang of soldiers in bygone days
And now the flowers are every living thing
Plants, creatures and the human race.

When will we ever learn?
When will we ever learn?

George Dow     28 November 2019