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Harvest children’s talk

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Seven people (ideally children) hold up a card or page of paper with a letter on each, which together spell the word “HARVEST”. 

What makes a good harvest?

To answer this question, the letters are rearranged to spell “HAVE”. List all the many things which we have from God for which we are grateful, including food and clean water; farmers to cultivate land; insects to pollinate plants, rain to help them grow and sun to ripen them.

The letters are then rearranged to spell “STARVE” as we remember the people who do not have sufficient food to eat and the birds who starve through a lack of insects due to damaged ecosystems.

The letters are then rearranged to spell “SHARE”. We share God’s earth with other people and other creatures. When we share what we have with those who starve – that is what makes a good HARVEST.