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Harvest reflection

Photo by Erik-Jan Leusink on Unsplash

At Harvest we thank and praise God for all his gifts of food and weather, especially his plants which mature in autumn and nourish us all year. Harvest is also an opportunity to give thanks and to praise God for all creatures which move in the waters, fly in the sky and live on the land. 

Harvest reminds us that all earth creatures are a community created to praise and glorify God. Nature matures in autumn even without human help. Wild creatures enjoy the fruits of the season. With human co-operation, however, nature glorifies God through cultivated fields, including grain and grapes which make bread and wine. Human hands and voices represent the whole earth community, in Christ, to God. 

The transformation of the earth at harvest is a sign, the beginning, of the final transformation of all material creation in the resurrection when God does not make a new thing, but makes “all things new” .

Source: Edward P. Echlin, theologian and author.