Storm of Hope

We use the phrase ‘Storm of Hope’ to describe a form of discipleship that enables us to respond to the cry of the wounded Earth.

Storm’ refers to the sorrow we feel in our hearts at the signs of the Earth’s demise and most especially stormy consequences we face as a result changing our lives to tread more lightly on the planet,  thus living against the flow of the dominant culture.

Hope’ is the spiritual energy that empowers us to choose to engage in the discipline of faith, resistance and worship that allow us to safely feel the pain of ecological devastation and yet sustain our passion for activism.

Storm of Hope’ is a ‘way of being’ that enables us to grieve but still remain sufficiently angry, humble and hopeful to be true to our calling as faithful Earthkeepers.

Christ, alpha, omega
avatar of hope
whose heart in spite of all
hopes on in spite of us
hopes on for us, in spite of us –
rain, rain on us
untamed, unconstrained
your wildfire storm of hope.

From That Intransitive Being by Daniel Berrigan

Storm of Hope is published annually to promote the current concerns of Green Christian and its members.
It can be downloaded in pdf format or printed copies can be obtained for a donation towards postage from Green Christian Resources (Publications)

Storm of Hope 2019
Storm of Hope 2019 (0.6 megabyte)
Storm of Hope 2018
Storm of Hope 2018 (0.4 megabyte)

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