Rowan Williams & International bishops on “Environmental responsibility”

Africa: Environmental Change Not ‘A Secular Fuss Imported Into the Church’ but a Moral Issue

Bishops fronting a public forum on environmental change today  (1 Nov 2012) in Aukland,  New Zealand, called on Anglicans everywhere to show moral courage in tackling its cause and impacts.

Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams and Archbishop Thabo Makgoba of Southern Africa, as well as Fiji’s Bishop Apimeleki Qiliho challenged listeners to consider addressing environmental damage as part of their Christian duty.

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In response to questions from the floor as to what Christians could do to begin changing their lifestyles, panel members said that, while the issue of environmental issue seemed overwhelming, individuals and parishes could at least make a start. Suggestions included eating less meat1, working to mitigate carbon footprints, and discussing energy use in the parish.

Abp Thabo concluded the evening with a challenge: “What this evening was all about was water, food supply and energy. What is your faith response?”


Experts estimate that animal food production requires 2-5 times the water needed to produce plant food of the same caloric value.

2. The 15th Anglican Consultative Council (ACC-15) is meeting in Auckland, New Zealand between 27 October and 7 November. This is an advisory body comprising lay and ordained delegates from all Provinces that consider the present and future life and work of the Anglican Communion.

3. The Anglican Communion Office serves the Anglican Communion, comprising around 85 million members in 38 regional and national member churches around the globe in more than 165 countries.

4. For all the latest news, features, podcasts, videos, tweets and Facebook posts from the conference please visit

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Robert Sluka:

November 12, 2012

Great news! In addition to the meat issue, we have to not forget about the oceans. So buying sustainable fished seafood is also critical and something practical we can do.

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