Sacred People, Sacred Earth

Sacred People, Sacred Earth Statement

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GreenFaith is calling for a collective response to the pandemic and the climate crisis that is guided by compassion, love and justice at a scale that meets this moment.

They have put together a statement and a list of ten demands, with position statements for government, religious institutions and individuals, to which people of all faith and none are invited to sign.

Join the Sacred People, Sacred Earth Day of Climate Action
11 March 2021

In places of prayer and households around the globe, faith groups are joining together to call for climate leadership guided by compassion, love, and justice. 

  • Choose one of the ten demands in the Sacred People, Sacred Earth statement that’s relevant to your community.
  • Choose a local action to address your chosen issue. 
  • Whether ringing a bell, blowing the shofar or conch shell, chanting, or meditating, be sure to post a photo online holding your sign with the #Faiths4Climate hashtag.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 18 February, 2021 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 4

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Faith Kenrick:

February 22, 2021

My interest in saving the planet means I have made quite a few paintings on issues I care about. This festival on 11 March is very welcome from my point of view, and hopefully people I know can get on board, I may drop letters into their letterboxes as I have a renovated typewriter that means I can write quick messages to share.

Iain Climie:

February 18, 2021

Hi David, Is this of any use or interest?

Iain Climie:

February 18, 2021

Christianity has not always seen eye to eye with animist beliefs like those of Native Americans, Australian aboriginal people and rainforest tribes. This is an area where the gap can sensibly be bridged and common ground found.

David Rhodes:

February 18, 2021

Signing statements is not enough. Politicians and multinationals know the billions of faith adherents in the world are apathetic and thus no threat to their power when it come to climate crisis. Christians are no different. We have buried the radical Jesus imperative of direct political challenge. We need to unlock that paralysis. This is how to do it: . It's life or death for our children and grandchildren.

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