Saturday morning: A future beyond our imagining

Part of our Online Festival October 2020. More sessions.

Frankie Ward, in conversation with Paul Bodenham.  How do we “re-imagine” in a time of collapsing certainties and surging crises? Drawing on the spirituality of unknowing, Frankie accompanied us to a promised land that lies beneath our feet.

Revd Dr Frances Ward

Frances Ward is author of Like There’s No Tomorrow: Climate crisis, eco-anxiety and God (Sacristy Press).  Frankie (as she is usually known) is a freelance theologian, researcher and writer, preacher, speaker and teacher. Having been Dean of St Edmundsbury Cathedral in Suffolk, she moved with her husband to Workington, Cumbria in 2018 where she is half-time Priest in Charge of two churches.  

“A future beyond our imagining”: The main Saturday morning session aimed to liberate us to ‘reimagine’ in the midst of collapsing certainties and surging crises, when it seems destiny hangs by a thread.  Frankie Ward explored with us how ancient Christian spiritualities of “unknowing” can set us free to commit radically to this present moment, and to find the promised land that lies beneath our feet.

Paul Bodenham

Paul Bodenham is a trustee and former chair of Green Christian, and a founder of Operation Noah.  He co-ordinates Borrowed Time, our project to help people find their way through ecological grief and climate anxiety.  He works as officer for social outreach in the Roman Catholic diocese of Nottingham.



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Francis Ballinger:

November 6, 2020

I am on my third copy of Moltmann's "Theoogy of Hope", having often lent it to others (but noy having always had it returned) - the part about realised eschatology and community I find particularly good. I recently ordered his recent "The Living God and the fulness of hope", to get a message from Amazon "The living God" will arrive tomorrow. The serious message is that the future with God is in the way we relate today.

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