Save an acre of rainforest this Advent – whilst it is still there to protect.

Does your church care about the wildlife and habitats being destroyed today – this week?  These will now not be available for future generations?

Do you care?

Please show that Christians care – by raising money for a wildlife charity that protects endangered habitat.

Green Christian’s Rainforest Fund project  encourages churches to raise £100 (or more) to donate to a charity that protects rainforest and other habitats of biodiversity importance under threat.

Saving rainforest :

  • saves species
  • saves soil
  • reduces global warming (saves carbon in the trees and ground)
  • Saves water

Congratulations to Churches Together in Charlbury, Oxfordshire  who recently raised  £210

** The procedure is, 1. Collect the money 2. Give the money direct to the charity concerned, AND tell both us and the charity that you have given the money for the “Green Christian Rainforest Fund Project”. then we can show that your church has contributed.

The three main charities we recommend are: World Land Trust, Cool Earth and A Rocha International. But other charities have been supported including: Chase Africa and ” a Bird Guide Training project in Kalimatan.”

If you donate to Cool Earth  your money will be doubled. Cool Earth currently says: Thanks to two incredibly generous donors, your donations to Cool Earth from now until the end of the year will be matched. Pound for pound. Dollar for dollar. Meaning you can have twice the impact in 2019. If you want to champion the rainforest, now is the time to act.

Working in partnership with local people, £100 can protect an acre of rainforest for a year. In some cases it can buy an acre of rainforest!!  (See World Land Trust)




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