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Science Geek Christy and her Eco Logbook, by Petra Crofton, September 2021. Lion Children’s Books, ISBN 9780745979465, 160 pages. RRP £8.99

This is a lively book aimed at upper primary children. Eleven-year-old Christy and her close group of friends win an eco-holiday to Ecuador – but first comes the difficulty of how to get there. While there they have all sorts of adventures, discussions and dilemmas, and science-mad Christy keeps a diary of it all. There are even villains as well as wild animals!

The story showcases lots of environmental and climate issues, and also some of the solutions. I often wondered whether Christy sounded a little mature for a girl of that age – but my eleven-year-old friend Lottie (see below) didn’t think so. The book is also solidly rooted in Christianity, as Christy’s dad is a vicar – various problems are worked out with the aid of Christian ethics. Christy is a strong-minded individual who really thinks things through, and also values her friends and family.

Lottie says: “I love this book because you dive right into the deep end of adventure and get carried away by a stream of curiosities and surprises”.

Petra Crofton is a biologist and philosopher who has worked with the World Conservation Union (IUCN) and A Rocha. She leads outdoor children’s and youth work at her local church and runs environmental education activities in the community and at primary schools. 

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