Seeding Change in London with SPEAK Network

Yesterday evening, our Tony Roper went along, on behalf of Christian Ecology Link, to this month’s “Just Space”, a meeting of Christian students and young people, members of a variety of organisations, all working and campaigning on justice issues.

It was held at the Moot Community, St Mary Aldermary church, Watling Street, London EC4M gathering from around 7pm.

This month, SPEAK Network were organising it, and chose to focus the evening on their new campaign on food sovereignty “Seeding Change” :-

Here’s Tony’s report :-

Had a great evening. Found the lovely church OK. I met Sarah Henderson [new SPEAK network link person] and there was a time of general chat at the beginning.

A guy did a monologue/poem which he had done previously at Greenbelt Festival which was very good. Another person, I don’t remember her name talked a little about her work at SPEAK.

We ate bread and home-made houmous with a nice herbal and oil dip – apparently a Middle East speciality.

I spoke for about 5 to 10 minutes about LOAF and gave out the leaflets which had arrived, so thanks for that.

We broke into small groups where we were supposed to talk about positive things happening that we knew of, but we our group got a little sidetracked. But the discussion was good.

We later wrote a prayer about a coriander seed that they handed out.

I think overall the evening went well. There was so much more I could have said and Westley Ingram said that what I did say was good. The group seemed very knowledgeable about many issues relating to the environment and justice etc.

The group were going to adjourn to a local pub, but apart from wanting to not get home too late I also find hearing people in those often noisy environments difficult so I went home.



Hope you got tucked up with a cup of hot organic, Fair Trade cocoa before midnight, Tony !

Just a reminder, Christian Ecology Link’s LOAF project has a new all-colour leaflet, which describes in some detail our food campaign ideals of food that’s produced as Locally as possible, Organic, Animal-friendly and Fairly traded.



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May 1, 2013

Thanks Kathy - please request Loaf leaflets from this email:

Kathy Grant:

May 1, 2013

How do I go about ordering some of the LOAF leaflets for my church (St. Mary's, Sunbury)? Actually the vicar wanted me to adapt the LOAF leaflet or something similar for local shopping in Sunbury but this doesn't seem to be practical as 1) people tend to use lots of different shops in and around Sunbury and 2) I'm vegetarian and unwilling to advise people on buying meat and fish but I haven't found anyone able and willing to help with this part of the job. I think getting a supply of the LOAF leaflets for my church would be a better solution.

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