Send a letter to the new Prime Minister about the climate emergency TODAY

On 24th July the UK will have a new prime minister. Please write to him – an actual hand written letter – and let him know that there is no more time to lose. I am not asking you to block a road or chain yourself to a fence, just to write a letter and to share this message, so that thousands of letters arrive at 10 Downing Street at the same time as the new PM.

Climates around the world are already breaking down and we can’t risk allowing our planet to heat up by more than 1.5 degrees. To be sure of this, we need to be cut our greenhouse gas emissions to net zero within a matter of years not decades. Read Green Christian’s analysis of why the Government’s target of 2050, and even the Climate Coalitions proposed date of 2045 is far too late.

Send a letter to the new PM about the climate emergency

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