Churches support Rainforest Fund

Hey, are you concerned about the following?

  • “Development” is in most countries is drastically – reducing our wildlife stock?
  • Over half the world’s larger wild animals have been lost in the last 40 years 
  • The most important causes of loss of wildlife are:- Loss of habitat to agriculture and building (due to population increase and development); invasive species; poaching     

Think how much is being lost in your lifetime. Could YOU do something to help save it for future generations?


The Rainforest Fund is a Green Christian Project by which Churches raise money for “Save an Acre of Rainforest” and other wildlife habitats.

This exists to encourage churches to raise money for protecting world habitats under threat, as a way of showing it is a Christian Responsibility to Protect the World God has given us. The fund is a “virtual fund” in that the money is given direct to other charities that protect habitats (such as World Land Trust, A Rocha Ghana. £100 can save an acre of rainforest)

Churches which have raised and donated money over the last 6 months year include:

  1. Bideford Quakers collected £137.20 for Cool Earth,
  2. Settle Catholic Church (St Mary and St Michael):  £300  – given to World Land Trust
  3. Churches Together in Settle and District: – Barn Dance in May  – £135 – given to fund Borneo 3-way-dictionary of bird and other nature useful phrases in English, Malay and Dusun (the mother tongue of the Mt Kinabalu mountain guides who are being trained in the skills of bird and nature guiding.)
  4. Settle Spinning Group (Meets at Settle Methodists) over £100 over the last two years – to World Land Trust

If your church has raised money and would like to be included in the list please contact




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