Small Gases, Big Effect – Review

Small Gases, Big Effect: This is Climate Change, by David Nelles and Christian Serrer. Particular Books, March 2021, ISBN: 978-0241461884, 128 pages. RRP: £7.99

Described as an international bestseller, this is a short, concise and easily read book on the causes and consequences of climate change, aimed primarily at someone wishing to extend their basic knowledge of the subject.

For those who already follow the science of climate change there may be little to be learned. Nevertheless, the extensive coverage of the subject will probably reveal something new to you. If you are not familiar with GWP, AMOC or Ice-Albedo Feedback, read on.

Each subject heading is accompanied by a simple diagram or illustration. Some may find these elementary, but the authors, two German students, make no claim that this is other than an easy and enjoyable read for everyone to understand. I found it just that and will find it a useful reference.

Geoff Perrett         



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