Some thoughts on the EU Referendum

(See also the more recent post on 18 July:– Green Christian Response to the EU Referendum)

The vote to leave the EU has come as a shock to many members of Green Christian.  Here are some comments by some of our members, plus an extract from a Press Release by CEC.  Feel free to add your own comments in the reply box at the foot of the page.

First a comment by Paul Bodenham, chair of Green Christian. Then various comments made, starting the day of the Referendum.

“Membership of the EU has made an incalculable contribution to Britain and its part in the world.  Its covenants of protection for the environment have made us better people.  For all its shortcomings it has held a vision of a responsible, inclusive humanity.  We must not be diminished by its loss, but take the responsibility it has given us more fully to ourselves.  Our task, now more than ever, is to become a nation which makes good lives possible.”

(Paul Bodenham, Chair of Green Christian)

“Please pray for peace tomorrow and afterwards, whatever the result of the vote”

(Deborah, on the day of the vote)

“Let’s steal any energy that is wasted in the anger, isolation and frustration of division. And let that be enough to energise us to act … I still think the only time that we can act to try and be the change we wish to see in the world is now. And now that is needed more than ever.”

(Jonathan Essex)


“I hope the churches – including our partners in the Catholic Church – will be able to revitalize a vision for Europe much broader than the mere economic, a vision informed by a Christian understanding of society which looks to the common good of all, supporting human rights and inclusive communities without collapsing into purely individualistic demands, and understands (from the inside of faith) the need for dialogue between faiths and all people of good will.  Now that the high profile campaign is over, I look for this serious discourse as urgent for the future of Europe as well as the UK.”

(Rt Rev. Christopher Hill, President of the Council of European Churches)

Perhaps a theme for a sermon could be:-

One world,
One God who loves all creation and
One overarching problem that needs to be addressed by all people acting  together. Further discussion would be helpful. This is a crisis but a crisis is not only a time of danger but also of opportunity.  Courage sisters and brothers.

(Peter Grimwood)

In addition to all the other losses which will result from leaving (including what now for the UK’s environmental comiitments?) is the sad fact that 3 out of 4 young people voted for remain. These are the future generations. How must they be feeling this morning?
Yes of course I understand that its a time for opportunity as well as disappointment….but I personally (like I’m sure many others) feel completely thrown and unconnected and need to somehow come to terms with all this.
Prayer will of course be central in moving forward but let’s not underestimate the shock and hurt.

(George Dow)



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Comments on "Some thoughts on the EU Referendum"

Melanie Fryer:

July 31, 2016

Yes it is very worrying for environmental protection now. That was my main reason for voting to stay in. Anyway, I agree, now we must soldier on and do our best to help wildlife/environment. Not only will I never give up but I always do my best and then 10 x more to make up for those who do not know/understand or care. I have just come in from scything the top of the lane that goes up to the road. The peace as I worked was fantastic and I know next year we will have a lovely verge once again. Only yesterday I was trying to have a quiet hour weeding my garden. The noise from all the strimmers round about was just deafening and I had to give up and wait for another day. God Bless all animals and wildlife.


July 25, 2016

being part of the EU offers a vision of cooperation and rules about environmental protection. our current government fails to include anyone with responsibility for this. polluted rivers know no borders nor does climate change. It seems hopeless but the only way that protection for our natural world will come about is when each of us does something


July 11, 2016

A Soul for the Union - by Ben Ryan

Agnes Milne:

July 9, 2016

I agree, now we must work for a new Christian Vision for Europe from out side the EU. I wonder how many members have come across the excellent and inspiring 'Theos' publication by Ben Ryan on putting 'the soul back into in Europe' God bless us all in our endeavours to work together for His Creation Agnes Milne

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