Stop the Solar Tax Hike!

Green Christian has joined the campaign to “Stop the Solar Tax Hike”. We are one of over 160 NGOs, schools, academics, energy providers and public institutions who have signed a letter asking the Chancellor to stop the proposed rise in business rates for solar panels.

Smaller companies and public sector organisations such as state schools and hospitals could face a six- to eightfold increase in the tax. It is the latest in a series of policy changes which have led to rooftop solar deployment falling by over 80% in the UK.

Green Christian believes it is vital that the government gives positive and consistent fiscal signals to foster the transition to a low-carbon economy. Such a tax policy is essential for a meaningful ‘green new deal’ which will wean our society off fossil fuels. Low-carbon energy underpins our vision for a just one-planet economy as laid out in our Joy in Enough programme.

You can sign a Greenpeace petition to the Chancellor, and write to you MP. If you are on Twitter, use the hashtag #SolarTaxHike to spread the word.



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Comments on "Stop the Solar Tax Hike!"

Della Harrison:

December 19, 2016

I am appalled at the governments lack of commitment to green energy and continual reduction in incentives to both businesses and individuals to install panels. It is no longer viable for us to install them and bearing in mind that the generated electricity is then sold on at a profit does not cost the government anything. This latest tax threat is just greedy, penalises those who want to be green and shows no commitment by government to be green and stop destroying natural resources.

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