Students – Can you help? (part1)

— Christian Ecology Link (CEL) —

(CEL is a UK organisation for Christians concerned about Care of the Environment)

1. Wanted: Students :
to help at
CEL’s Day Conference
Leeds – 16 March

2. Blog-post writing competition
for Under 30yr olds
– First Prize £100
Enter now! (Closing date: 10 March)

* Are you a student in Yorkshire who cares about care of the environment?
* Are you a Christian, or interested in Christianity (or another religion)?
* Do you wish your church did more to help people look after the environment for future  generations?

CEL Christian Ecology Link (CEL) would like to hear of your interests, and activities.
Maybe you can contribute to CEL in some way.

1. Attend CEL’s Conference in Leeds on 16 March
2. Help at CEL’s Leeds Conference (serving tea/manning the door etc)
3. Write a post for our website competition (and win £100 or £20): Closing date 10 March

CEL is holding its annual conference – this year in Leeds on 16 March.
Tickets are £15 reduced to £5-00 for students. And if you can commit to coming and helping in some way (serving tea/manning the door/and other jobs ) we can reduce it further and if necessary subsidise your transport.

* Hear the speaker, Rev. Philip Roderick who is founder of the Quiet Garden Movement and Contemplative Fire is an inspired Hang Drum player..
* Attend a choice of workshops in the afternoon on ecological matters.
* Meet people with similar interests.

Competition rules:



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