Sun 23 July International Bog Day

How will you celebrate it?

Bog Day is celebrated around the world every year on the fourth Sunday in July. So this year we will be Celebrating the brilliance of bogs on Sunday 23rd July

Home to iconic wildlife. Curlew, golden plover, common lizards & field voles all call the peatlands home.

Globally, peatlands are the largest store of carbon on land.

Find out more about why they are so valuable.

Is there a peat bog near you?

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Peatbogs store water preventing flooding downstream. Our (UK) government gave out many grants to put drains in peat bogs in the last century. The water flowed off faster so then the lowland valleys flooded in times of high rainfall. They are and will do more so with climate change. – so now the government is giving grants starting to give grants to block up some of these peat drains!

When peatlands are wet the Bogmoss – Sphagnum grows, and takes up carbon; It is so wet that the Sphagnum does not decay, so it stores the carbon and builds up and forms peat.

This coming Thursday 27 July I will be taking a group of people on a holiday course at retreat centre Parcevall Hall from “Christians Aware” on a visit to the Fen and Bog at Malham Tarn – to show them special features.

Cranberry in flower at Malham Tarn in June

Let us rejoice in and be thankful for our peatlands – and look after them.



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