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European Christian Environment Network (ECEN): Helsinki: June 2016: Topic: Water: over 80 participants from 23 countries

European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) – 11th Assembly, Helsinki – June 2016

Water in a Sustainable Future 

(See ECEN’s own Report)

Martyn Goss of Exeter Diocese Church and Society writes:

 “Let justice roll down like waters” (Amos 5:24)

“Water connects public health,

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24 countries at European Christian Environment Network 2014

 Martyn Goss reports on the  

European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) – 10th Assembly, Hungary – September 2014

Nine people attended from countries within the British Isles

“There is no other world that has been redeemed through Jesus Christ. 

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Press Release: Record your churchyard wildlife

11 March 2013
for immediate release


Christian Ecology Link is using the occasion of its Annual Conference in Leeds on 16 March for the UK launch of a Europe-wide Churchyard Wildlife Survey.

You and church groups are invited to complete a simple questionnaire, 

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Biodiversity Working Group at ECEN statement and useful questionnaire

The ECEN Working Group on Biodiversity and Nature Protection had three 1.5 hour workshops in which to 

  1.  Share presentations (see end of this post)
  2.  Write a report, and recommendations to the whole Assembly (report shown immediately below) 
  3.  Plan future work.

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European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN) Aug 2012 Elspeet, Netherlands

European Christian Environmental Network (ECEN)

9th Assembly, Elspeet – 29th August – 2nd September 2012

 Martyn Goss (Church of England delegate), Exeter, UK. reports on the conference. 4th September 2012

It is hoped to add an extra post shortly with reflections from the eight Scottish,

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