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There is no Planet B: Mike Berners-Lee

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 3 March, 2019 | Category: Uncategorized | Comments: 0

A Handbook for the Make or Break Years – Cambridge Univ. Press Judith Allinson writes If this book, launched in…   Read More >

An Environmental Journey

Author: | Date: 23 October, 2015 | Category: News | Comments: 0

Brian Kellock reflects My love for the natural world goes back to my boyhood days spent wandering the lanes and…   Read More >

Press Release: The Pope’s Environmental Encyclical

Author: | Date: 8 June, 2015 | Category: Media Release | Comments: 0

Mon 8 June 2015 Environmental Encyclical: Green Christian hopes for a ‘Game Changer’ from Pope Francis. Green Christian is optimistic…   Read More >

Pope Benedict XVI’s eco-legacy

Author: | Date: 5 March, 2013 | Category: News | Comments: 0

This is the first part of a post on the EcoJesuit Website If you want peace, protect creation March 4,…   Read More >

Blog-post Writing Competition for Yorkshire Under 30yr olds

Author: Editor 1 | Date: 4 February, 2013 | Category: Action | Comments: 0

To mark the fact that Christian Ecology Link is holding its Annual conference this year in Leeds (16 March), CEL has organised…   Read More >

Hymns – on Green Christian themes – for use in churches and schools

Author: | Date: 1 September, 2012 | Category: Hymns | Comments: 0

Here are the words of fifteen hymns, on “Care for Creation” themes that you may like to use, to be sung…   Read More >