Ten Top Tips for Fitness:- Get Fit and Avoid Obesity

Ten Top Tips for Fitness

GC welcomes the British Government’s efforts to encourage the population to be fitter.

Already twice as many people in the world are overweight as are underweight. And IF PRESENT trends were to continue, By 2050, 90% of today’s UK children would be overweight or obese,

And middle age spread keeps spreading – especially if we are participating in the fattening occupation of sitting using a computer /ipad etc…

Let’s buck up and improve our lives for the sake of others!

If we all ate less, especially less meat, there would be less demands on the environment, more space for wildlife-

If we were all fitter we would enjoy life more and be able to help other people more, and appreciate God’s world more.

So, suggestions:-

1. Follow a Mediterranean Diet – Jesus did. (Also olive oil is a better oil for you than palm oil – use of palm oil in 10% of our foods is causing the extinction of Orang Utans)

2. Use smaller plates. Dinner plates have gone up from 7 inches to 10 inches diameter in the last 40 years. A “small wine” used to be 125 ml.  and is now 175 ml

3. Eat local food – as nearly everyone in the bible did. (slightly contradictory to 1 above, but try!) Follow GC’s LOAF principles – (Locally Grown, Organically Produced, Animal Friendly and Fairly Traded.) .. Even better – grow your own!

4. Choose Low GI value foods such as oats, potatoes, broccoli. They release sugars more slowly so “last longer” than things like toffees. Foods that turn to sugar quickly when digested tell your body to turn the sugars to fat…

5. Get up early. Get enough sleep for you – but get up early at a regular time – (From one of John Wesley’s sermons:)

I advise you, Fourthly, be steady. Keep your hour of rising without intermission. Do not rise two mornings, and lie in bed the third; but what you do once, do always. “But my head aches.” Do not regard that. It will soon be over.

(Having said that – note most people do need seven to nine hours sleep, as the body actually does a lot of work cleaning the body, sorting out dreams and hormones etc -lack of sleep can cause you to put on weight)

6. Have a walk or do exercise early in the day. That will get your metabolism going and it will burn of fat during the rest of the day. It increases your endorphins. And if you walk in in the park or a garden or the countryside, you will learn more about nature and your body will be happier surrounded by natural and interesting shapes.

7. You can pray as you walk –  sort things out in your mind.

John Wesley walked great distances to do his preaching, – and often read as he walked.

In the summer of 1731 he walked from Oxford to Epworth. On his return to the University he learned that four or five-and-twenty miles was an easy and safe day’s journey, in hot weather as well as cold. Then also he made another discovery, that it was easy to read as he walked for ten or twelve miles…

He travelled great distances by horseback. He lived till his 88th year.

And St Augustine said, possibly, quoting the 4th-century-B.C. Greek philosopher Diogenes “Solvitur ambulando” – It is solved by walking –

8. If you feel depressed, go out and help someone else. Visit an old person. Go into town and give some people some compliments. Listen to them- you might find someone more depressed than you and that could make you feel better.. at least they would feel happier for having someone to talk to.

9. Don’t stay at your computer for more than an hour without having a little walk around. Sitting down infographic

Maybe you could add your suggestions for tip number 10? …



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