Church Times Green Church Awards: winners to be announced on 16 Oct

The information on this post is taken from the Church Times. The winners will be announced on 16 October.


The Church Times Green Church Awards have two objectives: to celebrate the remarkable efforts made in recent years by individuals and congregations to offset the damage being done to the earth, and to set good examples before others who might be inspired to follow suit.

There are five awards: four recognising innovative work already completed (or ongoing) and one for exciting projects still at the planning stage.

The shortlist was announced 4 August. The awards ceremony will take place at Lambeth Palace on 16 October.

The shortlist

The Green Building Award               Sponsored by Good Energy
Gloucester Cathedral; Holy Trinity, Bradford on Avon; Holy Trinity, Tulse Hill; St Wenn’s, Bodmin.
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The Green Congregation Award              Sponsored by Ecclesiastical Insurance
Garden design and development team (Campoverde Church, Spain); Inverkip Church Eco-group; St Catherine’s Environment Group (St Catherine’s, Burbage); Shildon Alive! Guerrilla Gardening Team (St John’s, Shildon)
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The Biodiversity Award
               Sponsored by Levy Restaurants UK
Bradford Cathedral; OASIS Community Church, Worksop; St Asaph’s, Denbighshire; St James’s, Finchampstead; St John’s, Sharow.
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The Green Champion Award               Sponsored by Shrinking the Footprint
Martyn Goss (diocese of Exeter); Br Hugh Cobbett SSF (Hilfield Friary); Victoria Gilbert (St Catherine’s, Burbage); Suzanne Dalton (St Chad’s, Far Headingley); Judith Allinson (St John’s Methodist Church, Settle).
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The Green Futures Award              Sponsored by Shrinking the Footprint
Baildon Methodist Church; Hamutua Quarterly Meeting Friends Church, Kenya; Sheddingdean Baptist Church; St Mary the Virgin, Cannington




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