This bill brings honesty and responsibility back into climate legislation.‘ Caroline Lucas

The Climate and Ecology Bill has just been re-introduced into Parliament by Labour MP, Olivia Blake, on 10 May 2023. It is now co-sponsored by a cross-party group of MPs and has the backing of 165 MPs and Peers from all parties. Let’s make sure your MP is on that list!

Want to campaign on something that tells the truth about the Climate and Ecological Emergency and how the UK should respond and show leadership on climate and nature? This is the page for you!


The Climate and Ecology (CE) Bill is a plan for a new UK law that addresses the full extent of the climate and nature crisis in line with the most up-to-date science. The Bill is the only proposed legislation before the UK Parliament that ensures a comprehensive and joined-up approach to the emergency and acknowledges the full extent of the UK’s emissions and ecological footprint as well as its responsibility to ensure that it prevents and reverses damaging impacts, globally, so that the least developed nations still have the chance to develop sustainably. 


Image by Anke Sundermeier from Pixabay

Many of us write a lot of emails and letters to our MPs. Zero Hour’s new campaign is a lot more engaging and a great way to encourage more people into demanding action from our government. 

Paper artist, Tina Luo, has created three, bespoke origami designs of species that are at risk of extinction: the Common Nightingale, the Red Helleborine orchid, and the Northern Pool Frog.


Why should Christians support the Climate and Ecology Bill?

Watch Revd. Vanessa Elston of Christian Climate Action in A Faith Response to the CEE Bill.


The Climate and Ecology Bill was developed with members of the successful ‘Big Ask’ campaign (a Friends of the Earth initiative which led to the Climate Change Act 2008), Power for People, as well as top scientists, economists, lawyers and academics – just take a look at this ‘hall of fame’!

The CE Bill sets out a whole-of-government emergency plan to rapidly transition away from fossil fuels and reverse the destruction of nature. The Bill would:

  1. Provide a clear, joined-up plan—the crises in climate and nature are deeply intertwined, requiring a plan that considers both together.
  2. Reduce UK emissions in line with the Paris Agreement—ensuring that UK emissions are reduced rapidly, for the best chance of limiting warming to 1.5°C.
  3. Halt and reverse the decline in nature—setting nature measurably on the path to recovery by 2030, as agreed at COP15.
  4. Ensure that the UK takes responsibility for our overseas footprint—both emissions and ecological.
  5. Involve the public—giving people a say in finding a fair way forward through a ‘climate and nature assembly’.




Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 13 May, 2023 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 6


Edward Gildea:

June 3, 2023

I think we need more profound changes than the CEE bill, helpful though it is. We need to invent 'One Planet Economics' because our global neo-liberal economics requires multiple planets. There is no alternative to a Carbon Tax, which can be used to fun the new technologies and transition Companies must have a Triple Fiduciary Duty: to the Environment, to Humanity and to their Shareholders. No just be driven by maximising profit for shareholders. We need to replace the Crown's ultimate ownership of Land to a Commons Trust, which can hold landowners responsible for their Stewardship or abuse of it. We must place an increasing monetary value on Nature, as per the Dasgupta Report, so that destruction and degradation of nature becomes economically unviable.

Ruth Jarman:

March 28, 2023

Hi Isabelle, I'm finding out!

Isabelle Wood:

March 27, 2023

As with Alan above (23rd March) I search in vain for an update on this Bill.Can you help?Isabelle

Ruth Jarman:

March 3, 2023

thank you for the nudge! On it!

Alan Stephen Rebeiro:

March 3, 2023

HiJust looking through your website and noted this page on the Bill. It seems the Bill was reintroduced through the Lords and is subject to its third reading. Perhaps this webpage should be refreshed to ensure the reader is aware of the current position?Alan


July 4, 2022

Please see conclusion 4 from the Green Finance Observatory: you for your consideration of the brief.

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