The Democracy and Sustainability Platform is now live

The Democracy and Sustainability Platform is now live. Read its Manifesto and join the movement!
CEL held a workshop on Democracy and Sustainability at our last  CEL’s Annual Members Meeting in November 2012. The organisation “Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development (FDSD)” ran the workshop – and on Wed 20 March 2013 they launched the The Democracy and Sustainability Platform
Democracy and sustainability are inseparable. Each needs the other. A new Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability has just been launched to guide the action that’s needed to re-shape democracy so that it becomes a powerful force for sustainability. In six Principles and a set of clear Commitments, the Manifesto highlights the links between democracy and sustainability and sets out an agenda for change.

The manifesto is the heart of the Democracy and Sustainability Platform. The Platform is an online space for sharing ideas and actions to get democracy working better for a healthy environment and a world that’s fair for people now and in the future

If this sounds good to you, read the Manifesto for Democracy and Sustainability. Watch what others are saying in our videos and read why people and organisations around the world are joining. If you’ve got an idea for an action or initiative that could get democracy to work better for sustainability, share it with others at the Platform. And if you’d like to get actively involved by making a commitment, sign up to join the Platform.

We can sit back and allow democracy to drift – or even to fail – in the face of huge environmental and social changes. Or we can make sure we work together to create systems of democratic decision-making that can chart a course to sustainability.

Step onto the Platform!

The Foundation for Democracy and Sustainable Development (FDSD) launched and convened an international consultation process to create the manifesto. Many, many others helped along the way:

See CEL press release of 20 March 2013: Democracy can deliver integrity of creation:



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