The Time is Now!

Ruth Jarman and many other Green Christian members joined the Time is Now Mass Lobby of Parliament on 26th June.

Ruth participated in a Interfaith Workshop on Direct Action before joining the Interfaith Walk of Witness from St Martin in the Fields to Westminster, where some people met with their MPs.

‘My MP did not show’, said Ruth, ‘but I will be writing him to let him know that the Time is Now to act on climate and that 2050, or even 2045, is too late.’



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 27 June, 2019 | Category: Climate Emergency | Comments: 6

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Martin King:

July 8, 2019

Gordon, Without knowing which climate change messages you have seen it's difficult to respond. My message is that Man-made Global Warming (a limited part of climate change) is scientifically proven historically. It is equally scientifically proven that it is primarily caused by CO2 from human fossil fuel burning and will continue unless we reduce this. A simple and solid predicted consequence is that many millions of people, some as close as London will loose their land, livelihood and even their lives through sea level rise if we don't fix it somehow. I've kept this short but am entirely happy to justify each of these statements with more detail if you need it. Best Wishes, Martin

Mr Gordon Wratten:

July 6, 2019

There are two issues with regard to concerns about the climate. First get the language right. If you speak to most people on the subject the glazed look in their eyes shows that they are not interested and this is probably because the subject is not being explained correctly. Climate change and environmental degradation are not the same subject and if we conflate the two then we just muddy the discussion. I am confused about the issue since I can get nobody to explain what is meant by tackle/deal with/reverse/solve or any of dozens of verbs attached to climate change. Can someone reading this please tell what the objective is and what the phrases mean? For example David Attenborough says that climate change is reaching dangerous levels. What can this mean? Do you know what he means?) Secondly get the facts right. If someone says that extreme weather events are getting more frequent then they must be prepared to show data over say the last 30 years to show if current trends are worse than the 30 year mean. If they can’t do that they should stay silent. It is pointless concentrating only on levels of CO2 as an issue with regard to global warming. There are over 40 drivers of weather and climate of which the principal factors are solar and lunar and the mix is so complex it is little wonder that most forecasts are wrong and we simply do not know what is going to happen in the future. So what should we do? By concentrating on mitigation and adaptation to whatever events are thrown at us is more cost effective and gives immediate and observable benefits. Finally please note that John Selwyn Gummer is now Lord Deben and as chairman of the CC committee he has a conflict of interest since you can read of the many interests he has in "green" industries. So he will gain financially whilst the rest of us pay £3000 a second for the next 30 years whilst most of the world carries on as before. I call that at worst fraud!

Brian Davis:

July 1, 2019

A small group of us from Market Harborough met with our MP Neil O'Brien in Portculis House - as he was busy with meetings and cd not come out to us. After the meeting we visited the House of Commons - a rather dull debate on Armed Forces Day with few MPs present; then to House of Lords (pretty full) where John Selwyn Gummer was holding forth on climate change - debating the ammendment to the Climate Bill - to be carbon neutral by 2050. He was brilliant - and was told off by an elderly lady Peer for going on too long!

David Somerville:

July 1, 2019

David Somerville: we met our Bradford West MP Naz Shah as well as other local MPs. All went well as she was listening and ready to take up issues on investment divesting from fossil fuel and pollution problems. We are following up on our conversation.

Jerry Barr:

June 29, 2019

Arrived in London too late to join the march but did manage to meet with our very right wing MP - he seemed genuinely pleased to see me and is starting to listen. Moving out of his Constituency in 3 months time but he would like to maintain contact!!!

Jeremy Williams:

June 28, 2019

I was there with our fledgling Extinction Rebellion Luton group, and we had a good chat with our MP Gavin Shuker. Lots in common, but not the airport - a major issue for Luton. Great to see lots of friends and Christian groups participating in the day, which had a real buzz to it, even if not every MP turned up!

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