The urgency of GC’s 100 Churches Rainforest Fund Project

News flash 30 Sep 2014: WWF  report: 50% of the earth’s wildlife has been lost in the past 40 years 2014 Living Planet report:



Rainforest fund centre spread

At a time when

  • World biodiversity is reducing, due to increasing habitat loss as societies demand higher levels of food, meat and biomass crops, and the population continues increasing 
  • When more and more plants and animals are coming under threat of extinction,
  • When 97% of the biomass of animals in the world are humans and their livestock, and only 3% is all the other wild animals put together 
  • When there is land grab by investors to make money by investing in palm oil, soya, exporting timber, mining …..(or just by investing)

What can we do? 

GC is seeking 100 churches to raise £100 each for habitat conservation projects  –   Could your church help?

The word “Rainforest” is used here to stand for any habitat of high biodiversity importance   under threat – including elephant corridors, mangrove swamps, marine nature reserves, etc 


Could your church have a fund raising event?

  • to save habitat –
  • or species ?

Please tell Christian Ecology Link. We will celebrate the fact by putting a link to you from this website

cards-at-langcliffe-sale-2011NEW: Right: See some of the wildlife hand-made and limited run greetings cards being sold to raise money for the Rainforest Fund. These cards are produced by two CEL members: Mark Boulton  (Animals and plants in UK and Africa) and Judith Allinson (Plants from UK and Yorkshire Dales) to be sold in aid of the Rainforest Fund. If you would like a selection to sell please contact Judith Allinson.

 SEE more on what churches have done



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