There is no Planet B: Mike Berners-Lee

A Handbook for the Make or Break Years – Cambridge Univ. Press

Judith Allinson writes

If this book is as good and useful as MBL’s first book “How Bad are Bananas?” then it will be worth reading every page of it. This book is not JUST about climate change. It was launched earlier this month – March 2019

Simply using solar panels – or wind energy, or whatever the best source of renewable energy is – will not solve all the world’s problems. That will just give us power to pollute or use up resources in other ways. I am so glad the MBL appreciates that.

I am going to read the book and find some good quotes – which I can then tweet. That may help me remember some of the figures too.

If you read the book more quickly than me and find any facts or ideas that are specially useful to you let me know – either in the comments section, or by emailing

Page 1 – a

For the past 50 years the (energy) growth rate has averaged 2.4% a year, more than tripling in total over that time.

For the century before that it was more like 1 percent.

Page 1 – b

Around 100 years ago, in the first World War, we couldn’t have smashed the whole place up even if we had tried.

By 50 years ago , with nuclear energy especially, it became clear that we could could totally mess things up if we made big enough blunders.

Today we don’t have to blunder at all; if we don’t try hard enough NOT to we will wreck the whole environment. And 50 years into the future?

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