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Many of you will be Traidcraft Supporters, and may have been shocked and saddened to hear of their recent problems.

Here is a shortened account of the message that was sent to Traidcraft voluntary workers by Traidcraft CEO Robin Roth:

“Traidcraft plc’s recent trading has been poor, and despite enormous efforts to reverse the company’s performance we have not yet succeeded.  Traidcraft plc’s assets remain considerably greater than its liabilities, and while this remains the case the Board of Directors believe it is prudent to close our current loss-making trading operations.  Traidcraft plc’s mission to put the principles of fair trade into commercial practice is not, in any sense, fulfilled but we appreciate that it is time to consider new approaches.

We are very much aware of the impact that this will have on our producer friends.  Over the years we have built up personal and trusting relationships with many organisations and we deeply regret that these will be coming to an end.  We are communicating with all our partners to see if we can help them transfer their business to other organisations.

Traidcraft plc continues  trading as usual through the autumn and to the end of 2018.  Our final autumn craft collection is one of the best we have produced with artisans throughout the world contributing.  We look forward to working with all our supporters right through the season, and we would like to invite our customers to help us end our current trading operations with our best season ever.  All products can be purchased online at the Traidcraft Shop .

This proposal will, of course, be met with great sadness by many supporters, shareholders and friends.  We invite any stakeholders who wish to contribute to the thinking about our future mission to send their thoughts to


What everyone can do is
pray  and
purchase and
pass any useful ideas to




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