What happened: Help community energy!

Update after 9 May: The debate saw a host of MPs, especially Conservatives, stand up in the House of Commons and speak in favour of the legislation we are calling for to enable dramatic growth in community renewable energy schemes.

The Energy Bill will now go into Committee Stage, which is expected to last around six weeks. Power for People will continue to call on for the Government to allow the clauses to remain in the Bill. Thank you for your help in getting this campaign to such an advanced state – we’ll let you know when we need your help for the final push.

The background

Green Christian is campaigning for two bills to be adopted in Parliament – the Climate and Ecology Bill, and this one, the Local Electricity Bill.

We have been supporters of this proposed bill to enable community-run renewables for a while now and it’s great to hear that things are moving!

Some good news

In early May the House of Lords voted to add the wording of the Local Electricity Bill as two amendments to the Energy Bill that is going through the houses. This means that the Energy Bill now contains two new clauses – numbers 272 and 273, that would enable growth in community renewable energy schemes by allowing them to sell their power locally.

The Government opposed the amendments, but the vote went our way. Our organising for the amendments to have cross-party sponsorship, including by Conservative Lord Lucas, and the backing of the Labour and Liberal Democrat Front Benches, was critical. So too was the fact that 318 MPs now support the Local Electricity Bill, including 125 Conservatives.

Huge thanks to all who have written to their MPs and made this happen!

9 May Energy Bill debate

So the Energy Bill came to the House of Commons with the community energy enabling legislation we are calling for contained in it. All that remains is to persuade the Government to allow the clauses to stay in the Bill.



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