Use Your Loaf Sketch

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‘One Bread’ Service of Worship Resource Material

‘Use your LOAF’ Sketch


2 Actors, 1 Voice, Narrators.

Voice stand at back of church. Narrators come in from either side.

Actors meet up and walk down to front of church, actor 1 carrying full plastic shopping bags.

A1:     Hi (name) I haven’t seen you for ages. What have you been up to?

A2:     Not much. Just messing around the village during the hols. You had a good holiday?

A1:     Yes great!   Hey I’ve just been shopping, why don’t you come and have a bit of lunch and I’ll tell you about it?

A2:     OK! I’ll help you get it ready. (slight pause)

A1:     Bread?   I’ve just got white sliced.

Voice (from back of church):     STOP!

Actors freeze while N speaks.

N1: Do they realise what goes into that bread or how it is made so that it feels and tastes like something between a damp sponge and a boiled flannel?  The manufacturers use special fats and emulsifiers made from petrochemicals, and enzymes so that the bread can hold more water.    Horrid!

Give me a homemade or locally baked loaf any day.

N changes sliced bread for local bread.


A1:    Are we having this cheese with it?

A2:    Yes we may as well.

Voice:    STOP!

Actors freeze while N speaks.

N2:     Canadian cheddar!  How many miles has that had to come to get to their plates when we’ve got proper cheddar here and what about all the wonderful cheeses produced locally?  Warwickshire Truckle, Oxford Blue or Cotswold Brie to name but a few.

N changes Canadian Cheddar for local cheeses.


A1:    I’ve bought some of these ready washed salad leaves. We must have our 5 portions of fruit and veg a day.

A2:    Great, nice and easy!

Voice:    STOP!

Actors freeze while N speaks.

N3:    That bag will only contain about 6 lettuce leaves which have been washed in a chlorine solution and then the air in the bag changed to keep it fresh. Not much goodness in that. This local organic lettuce will taste much fresher and be far more nutritious.

N changes packet of lettuce for fresh one.


A1.     Do you like yoghurts? I’ve got a couple here. Figure conscious me has bought low fat ones. Strawberry flavour, it’s my favourite!

Voice:    STOP!

Actors freeze while N speaks.

N4:   What are they eating now? A strawberry flavour yoghurt has never seen a strawberry and what has the mixture been glued together with if it is so low in fat?

Also I often wonder where the milk has come from. The yoghurt is cheap so the milk it is made from must be cheap so I don’t expect the cows got much of a life.

I think they will enjoy these local yoghurts better.

N changes yoghurts over.


A2:    What a feast! Please may I have a drink?

A1:    Yes of course! What would you like?

A2:    I think I’d enjoy a cup of coffee.

A1:    Then coffee it will be.

A1 takes jar of coffee out of a bag.

Voice:    STOP.

Actors freeze while N speaks.

N5:    Coffee is dreadful. It’s so unfair! Ten years ago only 30 percent of the value of the coffee stayed in the countries that grew it but now it’s only 10 percent. The farmers are hardly paid anything.

If they had bought Fair trade coffee, like this one (hold up jar) that would be so much better. It’s organically grown, so better for us, and the producers and the farmers are paid a fair price for their coffee beans.

N changes jar of coffee over.


A1and A2 draw up chairs to start eating.


A2:  What a feast!

A1:   Well let’s get eating and I’ll tell you about the holidays.




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