Vigil for the Earth with Christian Climate Action

The next Extinction Rebellion starts at the end of August, with Christian Climate Action and other Faith groups holding a socially-distanced and silent 24/7 vigil in Parliament Square. It will start with a multi-faith service at 7pm on 31 August, and will continue at least until Sunday 6 September. 

They are looking for people to sign up on the rota.

Christian Climate Action has also written a letter that people can send to their local churches encouraging them to join the vigil and the rebellion.

Have a look at Christian Climate Action’s website for other ways that Christians are getting involved in the rebellion.



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 31 July, 2020 | Category: Action Climate Emergency | Comments: 2

Comments on "Vigil for the Earth with Christian Climate Action"

Penny Evans:

August 22, 2020

Perhaps Churches (and other faith groups) could join in by organising local 9 minute vigils at 9am and 9pm during this period?

Christine Lidgley:

August 11, 2020

Am interested in support through prayer

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