Volunteers wanted

Green Christian is recruiting two new voluntary administration posts:

  1. Green Christian Secretary. To arrange Trustees’ meetings in liaison with Green Christian’s Co-Chairs, and to oversee good governance of the Charity.
  2. Admin Assistant. To set up online conference calls and take notes for Green Christian’s internal working groups.

Are you passionate about faith and the environment?

Longing for a prophetic church and a sustainable world?

Then join us in our 40th year at the leading edge of Christian creation care in promoting daily prayer, living simply, public witness, and encouragement to one another, and empowering agents of change in churches and the green movement through the provision of resources, including a magazine, groups, retreats and conferences.

The postholders can be based anywhere in the UK. For more information, and details on how to apply see below.

Please email barbaraechlin@greenchristian.org.uk with CV information relevant to the job description (below).

The closing date for applications is 18th April. Interviews take place by zoom conference call in mid April.

Green Christian Secretary

Good governance of Company AGM 

  • In liaison with the internal Green Christian Chair draw up and distribute agenda for the Company AGM, using the template provided, to Trustees and Members of CEL Ltd. according to the timescales in the Articles of Association.  
  • Following procedures for the appointment, resignation, and “retirement by rotation” of Trustees, adhering to timescales and guidance in the Articles of Association.  
  • Taking minutes and distributing to Trustees and Members of CEL Ltd. 
  • Give relevant information to the Company Secretary so that she can notify Companies House of appointment and resignation of Trustees within 14 days, using the online Companies House webfiling system. 
  • Maintaining an up-to-date register of Trustees and Company members.
  • Convene Extraordinary general meetings of the Company according to procedures laid out in the Articles of Association (note: no such meeting has occurred in 20 years).
  • Signing and maintaining copies of Company AGM Minutes.  (All Company and Trustee Minutes now stored on Green Christians’ Google Drive). 

Trustees’ Meetings

  • In liaison with the internal Green Christian Chair draw up and distribute agendas for Trustees’ meetings. Trustees meetings are usually attended by other members of the Board hence in items below meetings are referred to as Trustees/Board meetings. Each year there are usually 3 actual and 3 on-line Trustees/Board meetings.
  • Taking Minutes of Trustees/Board Meetings.
  • Keeping and storing securely copies of Minutes.  (All Company and Trustee/Board Minutes now stored on Green Christians’ Google Drive.  
  • Book venues for three actual Trustees/Board meetings p.a.
  • Liaise with Internal Chair and Company Secretary on Trustee matters and meetings

Admin Assistant for GC Groups

The work of Green Christian is undertaken by seven Groups: Trustees, Admin, Borrowed Time, Formation, Online Media, Participation, Print Media. These groups work through exchanging emails and by video conference calls (currently Zoom) at least three times per year.

  • Set up Zoom conference calls for internal online meetings of Green Christian Groups
  • Take notes for internal online meetings of Green Christian Groups. Notes are currently done in Log format on google drive.


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