What is “just” food ?

The Green Christian ecocell project will be hosting a free all-day event on the ecology of food and food justice in the New Year, on Saturday 18th January 2014, at St George’s Church, London WC1A, to which all are invited.

Tim Lang, Professor of Food Policy at London’s City University will lead a morning seminar on food security and food sovereignty, outlining the big picture in relation to food and sustainability in the UK and globally.

After a Just Lunch there will be thematic workshops based on the LOAF principles – Local, Organic, Animal-friendly and Fairly-traded – with a range of facilitators.

Ed Echlin, eco-theologian and keen organic gardener will introduce the day with a reflection on what the Bible has to say about food.

How could you take part ?

Expect to learn more and be engaged in contributing to the discussion over questions of food poverty, and how this is contributing to such diverse things as geopolitical instability and economic dependence.

The workshop will also look at top-level attempts to manage global food, and raise questions about whether genetic engineering can feed the world, and whether agroecology can.

Other issues will be the general context of land grabs for arable land and water resources, and the competition between food and bioenergy.

You will be able to network with food campaigners and policy analysts, and pick up resources on taking part in the food justice movement – plus tips and tricks on growing your own.

Contributor Biographies

Professor Tim Lang : Keynote speaker. President of Garden Organic and Professor of Food Policy at London’s City University, and Land Use Commissioner on the former Sustainable Development Commission. Tim Lang contributed to the debate on the question “Can Britain Feed Itself ?” :-

Dr Edward Echlin : eco-theologian, and author of three books and numerous writings relating Christianity to ecology. He finds food an essential part of the Jewish Bible, the lifestyle of Jesus, and the church. He gardens organically in his home garden which includes over 100 different fruit trees and bushes. He is an Honorary Fellow at Leeds Trinity University College. An article by Ed Echlin on the LOAF principles :-

Event Details

Date : Saturday 18 January 2014

Place : Upper Vestry Hall, St George’s Church, 6 Little Russell Street, London WC1A 2SA

Time : 10.30am to 4.30pm

Travel : Nearest London Underground stations : Holborn and Tottenham Court Road.

All are welcome, not just ecocell and Green Christian members. Entrance is free, but donations on day welcome.

Booking is essential as space is limited. Deadline for receiving bookings is Saturday 11 January 2014.

To book a place email or phone Tony Emerson :-

Telephone : 020 8769 4078 (International +442087694078)

Email : tony . emerson12 @ btopenworld . com

Online Resources


Study Programme ecocell 1
Module 3 – Shopping & Food

Study Programme ecocell 2
Food Module, Food Chart and Example Food Chart.

ecocell 2 Additional Materials
Food Carbon Footprint Cards and “How Bad are Bananas ?”

ecocell is a programme of collective study for small groups. The name is based on “eco” and “CEL”, which stands for Christian Ecology Link, the network that launched Green Christian magazine.



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