Why Faith Matters to the Climate

We have now updated our lively visual presentation, Why Faith Matters at COP26, to Why Faith Matters to the Climate, highlighting:

  • our interconnectedness with nature;
  • the importance of climate justice to protect the vulnerable;
  • the potential for wellbeing without ever-increasing consumption;
  • the significance of hope if change is to be achieved.

How to use Why Faith Matters to the Climate


Please share Why Faith Matters to the Climate widely with your Church, your friends, your family, your work colleagues, your MP and local councillors.

Reflect and pray

All the Reflections written for Green Christian by leading Christian theologians and climate activists are now on our website.

The presentation also stands on its own as a basis for prayer and reflection.

You can access the presentation in the following ways:



Author: Ruth Jarman | Date: 6 September, 2021 | Category: Climate Emergency COP26 | Comments: 1

Comments on "Why Faith Matters to the Climate"

Maronko Donati:

September 6, 2021

Faith matters because Christians must be a solution or answer for every challenge to the world. Weather geography, science, economic and political.

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