Will your church join the Big Church Switch?

BCS_logo_colour_webMore than 500 UK churches have registered to switch to renewable energy providers, using clean energy which doesn’t harm the earth, but rather can fuel prosperity for our global neighbours and bring light to all God’s people.

Among them is the oldest Methodist building in the world, The New Room in Bristol. David Worthington, Manager of The New Room said:

“We take seriously the impact we have on our neighbours, both locally and globally. Switching our energy provider to clean sources of power is a simple thing we can do to help the global transition to a low carbon world.  If we, in a building as old as ours, can embrace the idea of renewable energy then anyone can.”

The Big Church Switch is a great opportunity for churches of all denominations to come together and make the switch as a practical way of caring for creation. And the movement is growing. Together we can demonstrate to others the kind of real actions needed if we are to combat climate change in the way world leaders agreed to in Paris last year.

This is a great time to join the campaign. All your church needs to do now is commit to registering their interest on the big church switch website.

How does it work?

Registering your church registers your details with church energy experts 2buy2 who will find the best 100% renewable deal for your church. By using the collective buying power of all churches who’ve registered they can secure more affordable clean energy deals for your church.

As your contract comes to an end (whether that’s in a few weeks or a few years) 2buy2 will provide your church with your energy quote. Now you can make the decision whether to switch your church to renewable energy.

So, the more of us that sign up the greater our buying power (and the better energy deal we can get!)

I’d really encourage you to register your interest today


More on the Big Shift Campaign:

“The Big Shift” campaign is for churches, Christians and others to quicken the pace for getting out of fossil fuels. This includes encouraging governments and institutions to move our money out of investments into coal and into cleaner energy, plus lots of suggestions for individual and local action.

There is a great interactive guide here:http://www.christianaid.org.uk/Images/Big-Shift-Online-Training-PDF-Oct-15.pdf

A powerful film showing how climate change makes poverty worse:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tzTUL_9pnOk

Worship and prayer resources, Bible studies and sermon notes:  http://www.christianaid.org.uk/ActNow/climate-justice/resources.aspx?Page=2

Plus pocket guides and much more resources are available from BCS_logo_colour_webwww.christianaid.org.uk/bigshift , or through contacting your local office (find it here: www.christianaid.org.uk/inyourarea ).





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