Women’s World Day of Prayer – Receive Children, Receive Me

Judith Allinson reflects:

Today is Women’s World Day of Prayer.

Theme this year 4 March 2016: “Receive children, receive me,” prepared by the Women of Cuba

It makes a big theme of including children – But it also makes a theme of including everyone.

I like this service each year because it joins the women (and some men) in different churches and countries and also gives different people locally the chance to lead the service.

It is good to think of other friends and members of Green Christian taking part around the country and world.

I sometimes read through the material beforehand and see if I can find things about the environment.

I can’t see how to download the service this year – but there are other materials.

The main references to nature seem to be given to the children. There is children’s material: – with pictures of crocodiles, white jasmine, and the national bird the Trogon Bird which is indigonous and is red white and blue like their flag.

There is a song: “A place at the table” which has a Cuban? beat and I have been trying it on my accordion (I have to count very hard)
No doubt the ladies preparing our service in my home town will have practiced it.
I just found a nice version on youtube:-

“God will delight when we are creators of justice and joy.”

It is a sense of justice that make many of us want to protect the environment for future generations.

For those of you who can’t attend a service enjoy listening to the song  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YVNiy2cdiM4




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