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Katcha Jewell writes:

To the disappointment of many local Catholics, and despite earlier campaigning, the Wrexham diocese has not yet joined this commitment. The lobby at the Cathedral on 1/11/2021, was intended to bring this matter to the attention of the wider Catholic family in North Wales, and to ask our Bishop to show leadership on this existential issue, and divest immediately from fossil fuels, and other unethical activities.

Quotes from local parishioners:

Katja Jewell, St. David’s, Mold and Green Christians:
“Not divesting from fossil fuel is literally  financially supporting the suffering of the most poorest and vulnerable people of the world, especially children and women. A rise in temperature will mean failed harvest, scarce resources which will lead to more war and violence and millions of displaced people.

I feel I can not support this with my regular parish collections.“

Patrick & Diane Ward, St. David’s, Pantasaph:
“We wish to know the details of the financial investments of the church in order to ensure that our contributions are morally justified – in the light of the current environmental crisis, and to promote trust and confidence in church systems. This will direct our choices in where we place our resources for the common good.”

Jackie Kightly, Wrexham Cathedral, and Christian Climate Action:
“I feel it’s important for people of faith to lead the way in divesting immediately from fossil fuel and that’s why I want Wrexham Diocese to do so. We have a moral duty to help those who have least contributed to the climate crisis yet are suffering the most.”



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