Xistence Project gets underway

There are some exciting developments in the Green Christian Xistence project.

The aim of this project is to explore how Green Christian can best serve people in the age range 25 to 40. Green Christian’s current membership is predominately and significantly older so we are looking forward to the Xistence project helping us to better meet the needs of younger people.

We have completed our Xistence project team and the research phase of the project is commencing. This project will last about eight months.

The recruitment process attracted many strong applicants whose interesting ideas and diverse talents challenged and encouraged us to adapt our plans by expanding the team!

Emily Winter is taking on the role of researcher.

Jo Musker-Sherwood is the development officer

Rachel Hodgson is also working on the development phase.

Simon Court is the convenor of this project.

George Dow is the link person with Green Christian Steering Committee.

(Details of the specifications of the research and the development jobs can be seen here)



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